Development Academy

Our PRIVATE indoor and outdoor athletic development center gives all ISOL teams’ access to training all year round regardless of weather conditions. ISOL COXA Developmental Academy has the following:1 (37)
• (2) Climate control indoor facilities
• Outdoor field
• Affiliation with Coritiba Foot Ball Club; a 1st division Brazilian soccer club
• On-line training program for players and parents to track player’s progress and download training sessions
• Player’s written evaluations by ISOL coaches and once a year by Coritiba Foot Ball Club Members of Brazil

Select Level Futsal Teams

ISOL COXA Development Academy Teams are for the serious soccer player who desires to play at a highly competitive and challenge level. These teams will compete in top level tournaments.

ISOL’s Academy Goals for its Players and Training

ISOL will help develop a player’s understanding of the game, teach teamwork, ball control and encourage creativity. Our program will help promote individual skills that each player will need to excel. ISOL looks at each player individual technical skill and agility. We focus on developing individual technique, attacking play, and defending. At each practice, players will work on basic ball control skills such as dribbling, passing, trapping, etc., with an emphasis on agility and foot speed.

Players should be eager to learn new aspects of the game and ready to learn new skills. As the players become more advanced and confident in their skills, they will learn assertiveness, tension control, and self and team discipline. Fair play, mental focusing techniques, and control of their emotions will be an important part of their development. Training will also include cardiovascular training, changing speeds and flexibility.

ISOL follows a combination curriculum of the US Soccer and European guidelines, and Brazilian style futsal. FUTSAL is the core of ISOL’s program. Futsal is 5v5 small-sided game played on hard surface basketball size court with a low bounce ball. Most clubs from South America and Europe use Futsal as a way to refine and maintain players ball control, skill, and touch. Futsal is the only indoor soccer endorsed by FIFA.

ISOL COXA Development Academy’s goal is to develop an all-around soccer player through our futsal and outdoor soccer program.

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